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Born in the wind 

Bei uns an der Nordsee bläst uns der Wind mit voller Kraft direkt ins Gesicht. Das ist wie eine Einladung mit ihm Spaß zu haben…

The ONYX offers riders a wide performance spectrum.
Good lift and a lot of hangtime make the ONYX the perfect freerider.
With the ONYX it quickly becomes clear how easy it is to access power, to jump or just to cruise.
Even in difficult wind conditions, the ONYX shows an easy-to-control and good-natured behavior that never demands too much of the rider.
Despite the low aspect ratio of the wing, you will find yourself easily moving upwind. The ONYX loves to cruise, but also carves neatly in the waves with a good downwind drift.
Due to the deep shape of the kite with lots of sail at the center chord, the kite has a very high linear depower capacity as well as a wide wind range.
Even in light winds there is always enough power on hand to get you on the water right away. The bar feel is perfectly tuned and you can always sense where your kite is. In flight, the ONYX keeps a stable course and simply absorbs any wind gusts.
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Even in gusty conditions, the ONYX keeps the shape and offers a super smooth power delivery. Discover the pure freeride performance! ... See MoreSee Less

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Hook in and let rip: The ONYX can handle just about anything. Progressive power, a lot of lift and the easiest handling ever are your invitation to cruising, jumping or funky moves. ... See MoreSee Less

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News from the North-sea!

The new ONYX is your perfect tool for all disciplines. Smooth power delivery, maximum control and great stability make the ONYX the kite you've always been looking for. A fun machine developed by us – for you.
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The new ONYX in the sunrise. ... See MoreSee Less

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