If you are looking for an uncomplicated beginner kite, we have developed the Alpha for you.

With their robust and forgiving shape, we have laid the foundation for maximum safety, control and very decent performance. The choice of material is designed for the toughest use as a fun beginner, all sizes are optimally matched to a wide wind range.

Alpha in your hands makes you feel right at home. With stronger wind you are increasingly challenged by the Alpha, but with the control as a 4-liner you always remain in control of the situation. Regardless of your age, the Alpha is your perfect companion.


  • Fully suitable for beginners
  • Robust in terms of processing and material
  • High quality Dyneema flying lines
  • All-inclusive R2F accessories (quad handles, lines, kite killer, groundstake)
  • 1.5

  • 2.5

  • 3.5








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Technical specifications


1.5, 2.5, 3.5

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With the EMPULSE, we developed a kite that combines the best of both worlds: whether you prefer the quick inflation and deflation of an open-cell kite on land, or the added security of a closed-cell kite on water – the choice is yours. With the EMPULSE’s adaptive valve system, set up the inlets however you want and enjoy peak performance on any terrain.

This wing is not a just a high-end machine! It was designed from the beginning to do exactly what you want it to do. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced rider, everyone will find the Empulse easy to use with a fast learning curve, and performance that continuously improves alongside your own riding level. You set your own limit here!

We have built a kite that will impress from the very first ride. High stability and exceptionally easy handling are at the core of this kite, allowing you to progress rapidly in foiling or any other kite sport. The Empulse is a kite that rides far ahead in the wind window while generating minimal side pull, even at high speeds.

Our design philosophy has always placed great importance on creating efficient and lightweight structures that don’t sacrifice durability or performance.
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