One Bar

The new One Bar 2.0 is the result of creative thinking by our development team and valuable input from our customers – many small changes mean a considerable step forward. This latest version of the One Bar is even lighter, more versatile and more straightforward than ever before.

The new bar design means that you can fly all our kites with the same bar.

The new One Bar 2.0 is available in lengths of 49 and 55 cm, and each comes with 24 m pre-stretched Dyneema lines.

In combination with our optionally available safety leash, the new One bar 2.0 is the perfect cockpit for your kite.

Light-weight Line Splitter
The light-weight line splitter significantly reduces the weight in the center of the bar, resulting in less movement especially in light-wind conditions. The low-friction polish of the splitter makes a pulley unnecessary.

New Swivel
The new swivel positioned above the chicken loop makes for a far cleaner bar design. The flying lines can now be untwisted by hand at any time.

Adjustable Stopperball
The adjustable stopper ball helps to limit the bar range after the safety was activated. It is optimally pre-trimmed for use with larger kites.

More Depower
The new bar setup results in a wider depower range that can be smoothly trimmed with our adjustable Clamcleat.

Low-friction Stainless Steel Ring
Low-friction stainless steel ring for better guidance of the safety line.

Separately available as accessory: 12055520 HQ One Bar 4-line set, 4 x 24 m, 300 kp

49 cm
55 cm

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