Safety update for HQ4 ONE Bars

Safety First – Safety update for the latest generation of HQ4 ONE bars

Safety First applies to all HQ4 products – always and without compromise. For this reason, Invento tests the function and safety of HQ4 products in regular and repeated stress tests.

In use under tough real conditions, the knot at the end of the depower line of an HQ4 ONE Bar 2.0 has worked its way through the depower hand strap. Since a recurrence can never be excluded with absolute certainty, we need to avoid that the knot opens under extreme load and the depower line rushes through the clamcleat.

For this reason, it is MANDATORY to execute a corresponding SAFETY UPDATE for the latest generation of HQ4 ONE Bars and only use the bars again after the safety update has been carried out.

Which articles are affected?

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The safety update applies to the following articles:

Art. 12055588 – HQ4 ONE Bar 2.0 – 49 cm

Art. 12055589 – HQ4 ONE bar 2.0 – 55 cm

All bars with sales from June 2020 are affected.

How does the safety update work?

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A stopper ball is placed between the knot at the end of the depower line and the depower hand strap. This safety update is very easy to carry out: Open the knot at the end of the depower line – slide the stopper ball onto the depower line – close the knot at the end of the depower line again and tighten it with a flat-nose pliers (IMPORTANT: The self-adhesive nylon fabric at the end of the depower line must be outside the knot to avoid any risk of line slipping inside the knot) – done.

Who is carrying out the safety update?

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  1. Invento will be happy to carry out the necessary safety update for you and commission a parcel service to pick up the affected ONE Bars from you.

For the collection of the ONE Bars, please send us an email to (with the subject line “Safety Update ONE Bar”) and let us know when and where we should arrange the pick-up. Please pack the bars in a cardboard box suitable for transportation. You don’t have to do more. After receipt of the goods, we will carry out the safety update immediately and return the bars back to you as soon as possible.

  1. Due to its simplicity, the update can also be done by yourself in a few minutes. We would be happy to provide you with the relevant instructions and the required stopper balls.

If you would like to carry out the update by yourself, please send us an email to (with the subject line “Stopper balls for safety update ONE Bar”) and let us know how many stopper balls you need (one stopper ball is required for each bar) and to which address we should send the balls. You can download the entire instructions for the safety update here:


New ONE Bars 2.0 will only be delivered to dealers and end users with a safety update already carried out.

HQ products are committed to the “Safety First” principle. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Your helpful HQ team

49 cm
55 cm

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